Sport Events

Besides playing in Tea Tree Gully, Tornado also takes part in sporting events regularly.

Multicultural Volleyball Cup of Nations 2017

  • Zimvolley – Zimbabwe
  • Tornado – United Russian Team
  • BRAZIL – Women’s team
  • Indians in Adelaide
  • AFG Spikers – Afghanistan
  • Team Philippines
  • Kenya Men
  • Kenya Women
  • Silver Medals – United Russian Team – TORNADO
  • Gold Medals – India

15th Australian Masters Games in 2015

Tornado members had a lot of fun playing games on this event in Adelaide and became gold medalists.

Russian Cup in Melbourne in 2014

Nice atmosphere, plenty of fans and spectators, and an afterparty – the Cup in Melbourne was an unforgettable experience in team building and social gathering for families and kids.

XIII Australian Masters Games in Adelaide in 2011

Event: Adelaide, from 6th to 11th October 2011. Tornado players played in multiple teams in various categories and won bronze, silver and gold medals, both indoor and beach volleyball.