Summary of the club

Tornado Association Incorporated (inc. number A42429) is a volleyball club incorporated in Jan 2015, yet the social club was launched in 2001.
We welcome members of any age. Since the launch, people aged from 18 to 55+ joined our club, both males and females. Some club members have been playing volleyball in Adelaide for more than 20 years.

Playing volleyball in Tea Tree Gully

The main Tornado activity is taking part in volleyball competitions in Golden Grove Recreation Centre. Through this activity we promote healthy lifestyles, support volunteering and strengthen community.
Both the president of the club, Alexander Sataev, and the coach Yulia Popovich who is kindly volunteering her time to help us improve our skills, are residents of the City of Tea Tree Gully. Even though most of the community members reside in Tea Tree Gully, we kindly welcome volleyball players from all other cities.

Other activities

To encourage learning opportunities and participation in community life, we take part in various competitions regularly:
* Tea Tree Gully Volleyball Association competitions 2016 – 2017
* Multicultural Volleyball Cup of Nations 2017
* 15th Australian Masters Games in 2015
* Russian Cup in Melbourne in 2014
* XIII Australian Masters Games in Adelaide in 2011
For the above mentioned events, we successfully built multi-national teams engaging Australians, Jews, Georgians, Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Uzbeks and others.